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Fender Options

With our variety of standard and special options, you can individualize your fender to perfectly suit your tastes and the style of your room and decor.

Standard Options (No additional charges)

With a Metal Base: Standard metal uprights will be in the same material as the base unless contrasting uprights are specified. Each upright is fitted with a collar at the base. These may be square or round.

With a Wooden Base: Uprights may be in the same wood as the base with the three "Straight" styles only. Other styles must have metal uprights (either brass, satin black steel, or brushed steel). With metal uprights, please specify which collars (round or square) you would like.

Round Uprights-click to enlarge Square uprights-Click to enlarge
Round uprights with round collars Square uprights with square collars

Alternative Specifications
(additional options available at an extra charge)
Grouped uprights-click to enlarge Uprights arranged in groups of 2's or 3's
Uprights in contrasting materials-Click to enlarge Contrasting uprights

This fender is a copper base but has used contrasting brass square uprights in the center of the groups of 3 along the front of the square dip. Also note the central twist on each brass upright.

Satin black base with brass uprights-click to enlarge Brass uprights on a satin black base
Brass collars on steel fender-Click to enlarge Brass collars on a steel fender
Central Twists-click to enlarge Central twists on square uprights
Barley Sugar Twists-click to enlarge Barley sugar twists
Central Ferrules-Click to enlarge Ferrules on round uprights
Decorative Metalwork-click to enlarge Custom Decorative metalwork

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