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Fender Styles

The Club Fenders illustrated here are those that we are most often asked to make and are merely a few of the thousands that Acres Farm has made over the years, each bearing its own serial number.

The possible combinations of style and materials are endless, and if your preference is not shown here, it does not mean that Acres Farm cannot make it. Every fender we make is completely custom designed for your particular fireplace. In fact, we pride ourselves in our ability to produce virtually any fender requirement--the largest so far has been 5 yards in width and the smallest just over 3 feet.

Curved Dip Fender 

The Curved Dip Fender features a semicircular step-through. 

Square Dip Fender 

The Square Dip Fender features a rectangular step-through providing extra seating by the fire, at the same time allowing access to the fire.  

Straight Across fender

The Straight Across Fender is constructed with a continuous seat providing ample seating in front of the fire. 

Straight Across Fender with Curved Front-click to enlarge 

The Straight with Curved Front Fender features a bench-like continuous seat, but has a pleasing curve across the front. 

Elliptical Dip Fender-click to enlarge 

The Elliptical Dip Fender features an oval shaped step-through. 

Bow Front Fender-click to enlarge 

The Bow Front Fender has a continuous bench-style seat. The corners are square and the center of the front is curved. 

Corner Seat-click to enlarge 

Corner seats are priced per pair. They are placed at either end of the hearth and have the advantage of being both portable and adaptable to various fireplace dimensions. 


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